Bitcoin Baccarat

Baccarat had been one of the most popular table games along with Blackjack and Poker.  Among all other card games, your power of intuition over skills and strategies will surely be tested in Baccarat. You have three choices to bet on:  the banker, player, or a tie but only one among these will give you big winnings. And to ensure the fact of winning big, you just need to know two things: calculating risks and of course, to add.

Most often, players would always look for the most convenient and exciting Baccarat game in the cyber domain. And now, along with the emergence of the incredible virtual currency, bitcoins, this game had been made more exciting and accommodating with Bitcoin Baccarat.

Since playing Bitcoin Baccarat starts and ends with bitcoins, it has utilized the advantages brought by the latter to give you the most thrilling and convenient experience in playing this game. Moreover, this bitcoin game has no difference from the usual Baccarat, only the fact that it is played with bitcoins. Here are some of the boons you can have by enjoying this bitcoin casino game.

  • Simplicity

The rules in Bitcoin Baccarat are exactly the same as the ordinary Baccarat, no more no less. The objective is you must bet on the side, either player or banker, which will got a score closest or exactly 9 based on the cards at their hand. You can also bet for a tie if you think they will get same score, but most often than, it rarely happens. All the face cards as well as 10s here have no value; all the cards less than 10 carry their own values; and lastly, the ace carries 1 point. To know the points gained, you must add the cards at hand based on each cards’ value to get the total. Moreover, only single digits are valid, so if you get a 14 or 24 that is counted 5 and if 10 that will be equivalent to 0 or Baccarat.

  • Play Wherever with 100% Privacy

Since this game uses bitcoins in all its transactions, there is no central party involved; hence, this bitcoin game can be accessed and play with players in all parts of the globe. More than that, since bitcoins is exchanged in peer-to-peer method, most bitcoin casinos offer “no account” feature; thus, if you value your privacy very much, this bitcoin game is a must play for you.

  • Safest Bet

As mentioned above, you only have three choices to bet on this game: player, banker, or tie; hence, your odds of winning are bigger. The more the choices offered to you to bet on, the more chances of decreasing your probability of winning. You must only need to be careful and intelligent enough on what among these three will give you the win.

Now that you know why Bitcoin Baccarat is a must play game, the next thing for you to see is where you can play this amazing bitcoin game. However, before going to any bitcoin casino, you must first consider and check things like reputation, security, software provider, as well as customer support.

To aid you in searching for the best bitcoin site offering Bitcoin Baccarat, here are some of the tested and proven to be great bitcoin casinos, Lucky Bitcoin Casino, Betcoin Sports, BC-Casino, and Winvery Casino.

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