Bitcoin Slots

Slots are one of the easiest yet greatest fortune bearers in the domain of gambling, online or not. Since it has been one of the games that mostly capture and captivate any player’s attention, this gambling game has been made more accommodating and exciting with bitcoins, the Bitcoin Slots.

Bitcoin Slots is not at all different from the usual one. The only thing that made this game unique and more exciting is that fact that it is played using bitcoins. Hence, players can get lots of advantages from this.

Why Play Bitcoin Slots?

  • Rules are Plain and Simple

As mentioned above, slots played with bitcoins are not at all different from the ordinary one; hence, the rules of this bitcoin casino game are as easy and simple as the typical one. The main objective of this game is for you to form a certain pattern or combination from the symbols in the slot machines. All you need to do is bet to spin the reels and wait if you get the right combinations to win. Moreover, there are number of lines you can choose from to play. This will indicate on how many lines you would want to play, of course, the more numbers of lines you choose, the more chances of winning.

  • No Country Restriction and Complete Anonymity

If you are a big fan of playing slots but then hindered as most of online casinos do not permit players in your country, Bitcoin Slots is the sure answer for you. Since this is a bitcoin game, no third-party is involved in every transaction; hence, you can always play slots using bitcoins wherever part of the globe you are in.

Since the currency used in this game is bitcoin, most of bitcoin casinos do not require accounts or registration from their clients. Hence, you do not have to fill-out forms providing your personal details. With that, you can keep on winning and enjoying slots with bitcoins, while keeping your privacy intact.

  • Tips and Strategies are available for a sure win

When it comes to slots, first thing you might think is that you have no control over this game as it is all in the hands of luck. However, there are lots of tips and strategies you can always follow to guarantee a sure win.

First is that you must choose slots with 95% to 99% payout. Second is play with high or maximum amounts of bitcoins. You will notice in payout tables that players who bet the highest win the biggest. Third is to switch slot machines from time to time. If the slot you are playing already gave a payout. Most probably than not, it will take a little longer for its next payout. And last but not the least, is to know when to stop. It’s always good to know your limits to make sure you have earned great amount of bitcoins in your wallet.

Where to Play and Experience the Thrill of Bitcoin Slots?

There are also lots of bitcoin casinos offering exciting and great Bitcoin Slots. We have provided some of the best bitcoin casinos that offer not only great and exciting slots with bitcoins but also those who give high payouts. Here are some of those bitcoin casinos: Bitoomba, Lucky Bitcoin Casino, StrikeSapphire, BC Casino, as well as Bitco Play.

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