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Site Name: Bitcoin Video Casino
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Network: Bitcoin
Founded: 2012
US Players Accepted: Yes
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Bitcoin Video CasinoFrom the name itself of Bitcoin Video Casino, one could easily have the hint of the features this Bitcoin casino offers. The first word in the casino’s name would correspond to the axis where it rotates, bitcoins. All the transactions here are done with the latter; hence, it is the only payment method available and accepted. The next word video would give us the tip-off of what famous game it offers, the Video Poker. And the last word will debunk the latter as aside from Video Poker; it also offers incredible Bitcoin casino games like Bitcoin blackjack, Bitcoin roulette, Bitcoin craps, keno, and Bitcoin slots. Moreover, the only language offered in this site is English.

Bitcoin Video Casino can also be played in your android gadgets since it offers a good android app; hence, you can access and enjoy it anytime and anywhere you want. However, there is a downside of this feature as it only offers two of the games you can play in the browser; Video Poker and Blackjack.

Furthermore, this bitcoin gambling site also offers a referral program. Yes, by just referring players to join their site, you can earn extra bitcoins. There is no limit on the number of players you will refer; hence, you can earn continuously. You can earn up to 25% of the house edge bet on all the bets of the players you have referred.

Good thing about Bitcoin Video Casino is that it gives 100 credits initially for you to try the games. And if you wanted to add credits, all you have to do is just send bitcoins to the wallet address they have provided. Yes, you only have to do these two simple things to get started as there is no account requirement in this bitcoin gambling site.

When it comes to graphics designs, Bitcoin Video Casino offers a surprising and astonishing one. At first glance, you will think that it is just an ordinary one. More than that, the colors blue and yellow is a bit overpowering to the eye. However, the theme and background changes as you switch from one game to another. In the domain of Blackjack, the positive aura of shades of green will soothe you. Next realm is Roulette with the motif fierce red. Next is the Crap with blue green ambiance. Another is the majestic world of Keno is purple. And last but not the least is the lively domain of slots in baby blue.

Bitcoin Video Casino is an astonishing site as aside from the fact that it offers good varieties of bitcoin games, good android app, referral program; it also has a great graphics design. And what made it more incredible is the fact that you have to delve to the site deeper to find its hidden treasures. Read more about Bitcoin Video Casino here!

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