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BitRouletteBitRoulette calls itself the first Bitcoin roulette site that is truly random. This alone already sets it apart from the other Bitcoin casinos and gambling sites that offer the game of roulette. True enough, with the exceptional features packed into this Bitcoin roulette site, casino players are guaranteed to have a great time wagering bitcoins on this classic table game. For a more in-depth look at this roulette game, check out the following points:

Minimalist and Modern Betting Interface

Many Bitcoin casino interfaces have incorporated the minimalist and modern designs because these prove to be more visually appealing, especially to bettors who are easily turned off by design clutter. Given this, bettors worldwide are guaranteed to find an interface that mainly focuses on the game itself other than the unnecessary elements that float around. With such simplicity employed in the betting interface of BitRoulette, it is certain that this roulette site will appeal more to design-conscious Bitcoin casino players.

Bitcoin Roulette Game with 100% True Randomness

This Bitcoin roulette site takes pride in the technology it uses to create a highly reliable, fair, and tamper-proof roulette game. With its wheel programmed to utilize 100% white noise generated stopping positions, the exact location of where the ball will land is impossible to predict. In fact, even with the use of a computer, finding or guessing a pattern will be unthinkable through the “true random” generated numbers of this technology. Therefore, bettors can be confident that they will not be cheated nor can they cheat this game to gain payouts.

Bettors Remain Anonymous Online and Offline

BitRoulette ensures that the anonymity and privacy of all its customers are well respected. As a matter of fact, it takes necessary measures to safely keep valuable information from being accessed by non-account holders or other parties. By not storing data on the servers and by not logging IP addresses, the site is able to maintain the anonymous nature of its betting environment.

Safely Secured Funds

Maximum security is essential, especially when it deals with bitcoins. That is why this roulette site stores all the funds of its customers in a cold storage casino bank off the server to protect it from possible threats. This also eliminates instances of withdrawals and access to customer accounts that are not authorized.

Convenience in Playing

The ability to play this Bitcoin roulette game right in the web browser without the need for plugins or software is such a clear-cut advantage to all casino bettors. This only means that they can conveniently access the game anytime they want using any browser, provided that they always log out from their account after every use. This feature, along with all the points raised, makes BitRoulette a sure winner among roulette aficionados and casino enthusiasts in general.

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