September 29, 2023

Baccarat offers a simple game with three betting options. Familiarize yourself with this fantastic game, also called Punto Blanco. History and basic rules of the casino card game, baccarat. Read on, get the essence of the game and get hooked.

All About Baccarat

Baccarat is the French or Italian word for zero and this game is possibly the oldest of all card games played in casinos today. Introduced in Italy, this popular game has spread across France and England to North America.

What You Need

For those who do not want to put too much intellectual effort, Baccarat is the game in จีคลับ for you. Also called Punto Blanco in North America, this simple game involves a choice of three bets – bet on the house, bet on the player, or bet on a tie. Variants exist with versions of mini baccarat which are becoming more and more common in casinos around the world. Mini baccarat offers a lower minimum stake, which allows greater financial accessibility for most non-millionaires. This version is also played much faster. 

The score to aim for a hand of baccarat is nine points. Players decide their bet amount and then bet on the house (the dealer), the player, or a draw (tied). If the player bets on the player, and his card total exceeds the dealer’s total, then the player wins. If the player bets on the dealer and his card total exceeds the player’s total, then the player wins. A tie win occurs if the player bets on a tie and both the player and the dealer hold the same number of card points.

  • Dealer versus player format.
  • Cards dealt face down
  • Two cards to the dealer, two to the player
  • The next cards are dealt according to the draw table.
  • Figures and 10s count as zero.
  • The point total of 9 (“Le Grande”) is the first, 8 second, and so on.
  • Betting on the dealer gives the best odds, betting on the player is the second best choice, betting on a match no one is the worst bet.